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Highland Games – Highland Trail Run 5k

The Highland Trail 5K Run is a natural fit to our Highland Games. This trail run will make you feel like you’re running through the highlands of Scotland with the sound of bagpipes echoing throughout the hammock. It’s a run everyone can enjoy from the casual jogger to the competitive trail runner as well as the entire family.

The race starts and finishes on the west end of Highlander Park (between the City Pool and Fire Station 61). After running across a field (Highlander Park), the route enters Dunedin Hammock Park (a beautiful mixed hardwood forest filled with more than 300 native species of trees, shrubs, ferns, and wildflowers). Except for a slight uphill grade in the first mile followed by approximately 50 yards of Florida’s sugar sand, the course is relatively flat. Toward the end of the second mile, the course encounters an approximately 100-yard boardwalk where passing will be challenging. Most all other parts of the course are canopied which should bring comfort to Florida’s climate. KILTS ENCOURAGED!

Registration is open now through April 4, 2024.